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What is VJing and realtime interaction





For us, VJing is more than projecting real time combined images on a screen. I'd like to look at it as an activity of creating an evolving visual experience/universe. First, the gap between spectator/performer, stage/seat, premeditated/spontaneous, mine/yours etc should be obliterated. To rebuild something we have to destroy/deconstruct the initial form and limitations. Second, interaction and respond is imminent. By doing so, we have created a moebius loop where an idea shall move back and forth, left to right, passed from person to person, and it would evolve and change while being so. And that is Real Time Interaction. It's like a complex game of "pong".

here's a link to a video of our audio/visual experiments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8YjzbMJHAE

Andrew Bucksbarg
Eugenio Tisselli
Federico Bonelli
Gabriel Menotti
Holger Lund
Jeremy Hight
Joe Reinsel
Lucy H G/ L Hermes Griesbach
Michael Betancourt
Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett, Furtherfield