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What is VJing and realtime interaction

  Federico Bonelli




Vj-ing is a surf in an eidosphere with a rhythm.

it has to be done in a public context: Vj-ing without public is like zapping using a computer instead than a tv. Vj-ing might kill the party with visual overflow, so the best vj's tend to be lame visually and repetitive for a reason.

(: eidosphere is the space made by all moving images we have seen and their references and the one we have not seen that look like something we know... or vice versa)
(: images moving; images with feeling attached; images that call other images. This is literature of the big NOW. It has to be used as words for a new poetry, for a different literature )

Interaction design is the art of contextualizing processes of transformation. To create an interactive media installation means to decide to give to a situation a sharp angle: It happens when you answer the question "I enter the space and what do I see/happens?

In the XXI century it has become clear that complex processes of communication within a social;spatial;temporal space can be implemented in media manipulation devices. Thus interaction design has become the art of designing transformations.

Andrew Bucksbarg
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Federico Bonelli
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