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What is VJing and realtime interaction

  Lucy H G/ L Hermes Griesbach




Realtime Interaction is in some sense an oxymoron: realtime, as in now and live, implies technological mediation, while the word interaction requires contact and connection. These seemingly contradictory notions of technological distance and personal exchange become married in interactive media art. At the core of interactive art is this strange union of the disconnected and personal, the interconnected and distant.

In the fall, as an artist at residence at CalArts, I directed an interactive media workshop entitled, InterPlay. The objective of the workshop was to explore possibilities for meaningful interaction through telematic exchange, the results of which would be presented simultaneously at Australia’s Electrofringe festival and at CalArts as an interactive piece between viewers in Los Angeles and Newcastle, Australia. Students unanimously wanted to offer something physical to the viewers on the other side of the world. Remote Tea, the resulting project, is a prototype for realtime exchange - a marriage of the disconnected and personal, the interconnected and distant.

Andrew Bucksbarg
Eugenio Tisselli
Federico Bonelli
Gabriel Menotti
Holger Lund
Jeremy Hight
Joe Reinsel
Lucy H G/ L Hermes Griesbach
Michael Betancourt
Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett, Furtherfield